A downloadable game for Windows

So this game is an experimental game design.

Still in the prototype phase working on the core village and combat mechanics right now. RTS take a lot of time to prototype lol.

You are playing as the bad guy taking over the world.

Interact with wheelbarel to take offerings.

Use offerings to summon norbs at the blood alter

scare the farmers using norbs/fire balls to make them pay you more, but be careful if you piss them off enough they will summon a hero to hunt you down.  You Either throw the norbs to tell them what to do, or mark a target for elimitation with the Q key.
Be aware that your minions have loyalty and won't follow you mindlessly.

You can get villagers to love you more by defending them and building stuff for them.

The villagers are starting to build castles to keep their coffers, but if you rob that you get lots of money but Be careful when robbing from coffers, they get really upset and if the village runs out of money they can't rebuild and will die out.

Base building is very wip.

Basic controlls
E is to interact.
tab locks camera
mouse to throw shit

Made withUnity
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly


win64.zip 76 MB